Create Your Perfect Wedding Day

Banks Entertainment prides itself on offering complete service for your wedding day. Through our partnered vendors we are able to build the perfect inclusive package at significant discounts, often saving you thousands. When all of your vendors understand your vision and work together there is an invaluable cohesiveness the ensures your perfect day.


Choosing the right venue to fit your dream wedding can be a daunting task. Our experts have partnered with some of the most recognizable venues in your area to offer exclusive pricing.… Read More

Find The Backdrop To Your Story

Photography / Cinematography

The number one regret after special events is wishing the moment had been captured better. Great photography and cinematography is about more than just owning cameras, and we have evaluated and screened companies to find the best of the best at unheard of pricing.… Read More

Find How To Capture Your Story


Once the planning and the¬†actual wedding day is complete, there is still a portion of the story that still needs to be told. We have discovered the way that you can travel to any place you can imagine from a cruise to a getaway, and at the lowest price‚ĶGuaranteed.… Read More

Find the Perfect Honeymoon


A large portion of your story is based on the memories created, and the food that is served for you and your guests helps create those memories. From the setup to the actual menu served, we have found catering professionals who take pride in crafting the perfect dining experience at the most affordable rate.… Read More

Find the Perfect Meal


The sheer volume of choices between paper thickness, ink color, and fonts can quickly become overwhelming. Quality is what is important, and a price point that works for you. Matching the two together is an art and we have found the true artists in your area.… Read More

Find The Stationary Of Your Story


Your wedding is the fulfillment of a life full of dreams and hopes for that special day. The dress is the center point everything else revolves around. Finding “The Dress” can quickly become an exhausting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help guide you to the perfect dress at the perfect price.… Read More

Find The Dress Of Your Story

Coordinator / Planner

With the multitude of details to your special day, it is easy to lose sight of the joy of your dream moment. Having someone manage day of details and help facilitate your day can be invaluable. We have found the best in the business for you.… Read More

Find The Director For Your Story


Aside from the dress, there is not a more iconic symbol of a wedding than the cutting of the wedding cake. With so many options, finding the perfect Confectioner can result in tireless hours finding the cake that resembles your dream day. We have found the best in the industry who would take pride in… Read More

Find the Perfect Cake

Live Entertainment

We have found some of the best musicians in the area. From a single harpist or violinist to a full-on cover band playing your favorite genre of music, having a live musician adds a more personable experience for not only yourselves, but all your guests.… Read More

Find the Perfect Live Entertainment


Finding the perfect minute details used to create a memorable experience can be overwhelming and can take hours of time. We have found that meeting with a wedding expert in a show room is a more enjoyable process. Our relationship with the leading rental companies is a proven way to customize your day. They can… Read More

Find all your Rental needs

Gift Ideas

We understand that many Brides and Grooms like to send the guests home with a creative yet memorable reminder of their special day, so we have found several unique and affordable options to serve this purpose.… Read More

Find all the Perfect Gift Ideas